Research & Education

Maharashtrian farmers Expectations and Provisions in Central Budget 2006

Details :- One day State level workshop(17-03-06)
Place :- Raj. Chha. Shahu College, Kolhapur
Organizer and Paper Presented

‘Economical Freedom of Women: Myths and Facts’

Details :- One day State level workshop(10-09-06)
Place :- Balbheem Arts, Science, Commerce College, Beed.
Paper Presented

Women empowerment, Problems and Prospectus
(73rd Amendments and participation of women in politics)

Details :- One Day State Level Seminar(10-01-09)
Place :- Smt. Champaben Shaha Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sangli.
Paper Presented

Gender Based Discrimination in India:.
(‘Widowhood Misfortune in Misfortune in woman’s life, A Social Distortion)

Details :- Two days National level workshop(3-03-09 to 4-03-09)
Place :- Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Participated and paper presented (Edited by SUK)

‘Child Labor Problems in India’()

Details :-Two days State level Seminar(15, 16-02-10)
Place :- K K. Kaku Arts Commerce and Science College, Beed.
Paper Presented

Chhalanges before women entrepreunureship in south Asia
(Rural Women Entrepreneurs through self-help groups in Kolhapur District’)

Details :- International Seminar(25th,26th March 2011)
Place :- Kamala College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented

Economic Development and Global Warming

Details :- National Seminar(27, 28 Sept, 2011)
Place :- Raj. Chha. Shahu College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented

‘Problems and Prospectus of Agricultural Devt. In India
(Krushi Vikas Yojana in 2001-12 for Maharashtrian Farmers Problem.)

Details :-National Seminar (14,15 Dec, 2011)
Place :- Raj. Chha. Shahu College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented

Mapping Excellance Policies for India
(Merger and Acquisitions An Emerging trend in Business Sector’)

Details :-International Conference 30,31 March,2012)(INCON RIT. 2012)
Place :- R I T Sakharale, Sangli
Paper Presented and Published

‘Foreign Direct Investment in India’

Details :-National Seminar(7th ,8th Sept.2012)
Place :- Ganpatrao Arwade College of Commerce, Sangli
Paper Presented and Published

Indo Global Chamber of Commerce,Industries and Agriculture
(“Problems of Self Employed Collegiate Students: a Survey”-Page-27)

Details :-International Seminar ( 20th Oct, 2013)(ISSN 2277-9329)
Place :- Barshi college
Paper Presented and Published

Challenges for Substancial Developpment
(“Problems of Working Women’s’ in Unorganized Sector”)

Details :-International Seminar(13,14 Dec, 2013)(ISSN 2277-9310)
Place :- KBP Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai
Paper Presented and Published

Women Exploitation in India and Sensitivity
(“Swaqyambandhanata and Swasmohan is the hurdles in the Women Empowerment)

Details :-National Seminar 27th dec,2013
Place :- Devachand Colllege, Arjunnagar
Paper Presented and Published

Indian Agriculture on the eve of second Green Revolution
(“Maharshtra Shasanacha Krushi Vikas Yojana: Problems and Prospectus”)

Details :-National Seminar, Sponsored by NABARD( 24, 25 Jan, 2014)(ISBN-978-93-5137-970-06)
Place :- P. N. Patil College Borgaon
Paper Presented and Published

‘Problems and prospects of Rural Women in India’

Details :-National Seminar(30,31 Jan, 2014)(ISBN978-93-5156-097-5)
Place :- S.G.M College, Karad
Paper Presented and Published

Challenges against Management Education in India
(Globalization of Business and Management Education-Page-85)

Details :-International Seminar 28th – 29th December, 2014(ISBN.978-81-93549-92-06)
Place :- Basavaprabhu Kore Arts, Science and Commerce College, Chikodi
Paper Presented and Published

“Recent Trends in Commerce, Management, Social, Engineering, Technological Sciences”
(Problems of working women in corporate sector-Page-12)

Details :-International Seminar 14th Feb.2015(ISSN-2249-7463)
Place :- Devchand College, Nipani
Paper Presented and Published


Details :-National Seminar 17TH & 18TH Nov, 2014(ISBN;978-81-924518-6-2)
Place :- Raj. Chha. Shahu College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented

Innovation Skill development and entrepreneurship
(Problems of domestic female workers in India)

Details :-International Seminar 10th Oct, 2015(ISSN 2277-9302)
Place :- Anandi arts, Commerce, and Science College, Gaganbawada Page-56
Paper Presented and Published

Retail Management
(Retail Management and Recovery of Banking Loans”)

Details :-National Seminar
Place :- Kamala College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented

Challenges and opportunities before 21st century in the field of management
(“ Literacy of Financial Inclusion”)

Details :-International conference 6th, 7th Feb, 2016
Place :- Raj. Chha. Shahu College, Kolhapur
Paper Presented and Published

Recent Trends In Commerce , Management And Social Science
(Industrial Development and Global Warming)

Details :-International Seminar
Place :- Chandrappa Shendure college, Hupari

Gender Discrimination, Dept of Social Inclusion Department
(Widowhood is a misfortune of women’s life: A Social Distortion)

Details :-National
Place :- Shivaji University ,Kolhapur. Dept of Social Inclusion Department

Problems of Tomato farmers’ a case study

Details :-International Seminar Feb,2019
Place :- Vyankatesh Mahavidyalaya, Ichalakaranji